Making basketry in Thailand There has been a succession since prehistoric times, archaeologists have found important evidence of basketry in the Neolithic period at a cave in Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi Province, which is made of bamboo with two lines of polished pattern, estimated to be of age. about 4,000 years ago
In the early wicker making, humans would bring natural materials as much as they could find near them to bring benefits, such as bringing leaves, branches, and vines to weave them into simple shapes. To be used as a container or to weave together into sheets for use for cushions and sleeping pads before it developed into a neat basketry in later eras. It is used to create tools and appliances in daily life by means of interlacing and interlacing materials.
streaky by creating the shape of the artifact according to the purpose of use according to the geography in harmony with the local traditions, beliefs, religions and materials
To call the basketry “wicker” is a term that is called according to the method that made the basketry. because the various wicker To be able to achieve a perfect shape, it has to go through the following processes:
1. Weaving is the introduction of materials to make a line, a lobe or a stripe for the convenience of weaving. The nature of the process generally depends on the nature of each material and its specific method is different. Or sometimes the basketry of bamboo or rattan is often referred to as “hammering” which can be regarded as the first step of the preparation of materials to make basketry.
2. Weaving is a creative process of human beings that uses natural materials to make good use of human thought and craftsmanship. Which weave pattern to weave depends on the suitability of use. There are 3 methods which are
Interlaced weave
weave by interlacing method with diagonal line
weave by coiling method
3. Knitting is an assembly process that helps complete the wickerwork. Wicker knitting, such as knitting the edges of bamboo baskets. Knitting ears, containers, etc. Most of the knitting is to strengthen the external structure such as the edge, leg, mouth, bottom of the basketry. and adding beauty as well

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